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Yellow 24×24 Heavy Duty Dust Cloth

Out with those old, worn out dusting rags and in with these Chicopee 0911 Masslinn yellow heavy-duty dusting cloth! Made of non-woven polyester and rayon material, these convenient 24″ x 24″ wipers are perfect for surface dusting in your busy venue. The heavy-weight design is strong and durable enough to be used on your floors, but soft enough for cleaning delicate surfaces. To ensure a thorough cleanup, these wipers feature mineral oil-treated fabric and dust-catching pockets to pick up even the smallest particles. Best of all, the low linting material and excellent dust retention capabilities prevent anything from being left behind on your surfaces as you clean! These multipurpose wipers are also great for cleaning messy toner spills in your office. For your convenience, these wipers are disposable, so you can simply throw them away after cleaning. These Chicopee 0911 heavy-duty dusting wipers will ensure that your floors and surfaces are always shiny and dust-free!

  • Strong & heavy-duty design can be used for surface or floor dusting
  • Treated fabric features durable dust-catching pockets
  • Low lint & soft design is safe for delicate surfaces
  • Can be used for surface or floor dusting
  • Disposable for easy cleanup


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