• 100% Cotton Loops
  • Irregular, New Material
  • Size: 12″ x 12″
  • Full Terry, Hemmed on All Sides

“Imperfections are Perfect”, a wise old man once told me. The strange thing was I didn’t ask him anything. Weird.

Anyway these Terry Cloth Cleaning Rags are brand new but have some slight imperfections and irregularities. Because of that they make perfect rags! Wise old man.

A rag for any occasion.

We call our New Irregular Terry Cloth Rags consistently inconsistent. One time they might have irregular hems, the next time you might see more blemishes, sometimes they even look brand new. You just never know. But they’ll always be one pound per dozen and always 12″ x 12″. If you just need a great rag and don’t care about the rest, these are the best buy!


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